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Press passes have been around for decades, helping thousands of journalists do their jobs every day. Presenting a press pass permits unfettered research on topics such as economics or politics and provides access to blocked-off areas at events, trade shows or public institutions.Most journalists would not like to be without this practical document, and the number of press associations ...


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the possibilities with USPA and IAPP

IAPP and USPA both include journalists from all areas of the modern media world. In addition to conventional print journalists, these organizations include photojournalists, authors, stage directors, publishers, bloggers, film critics and many other professionals who, either as full-time or part-time contributors, help create a comprehensive spectrum of journalistic work. Besides the standard areas of broadcasting ...


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between legitimate and illegitimate

Renowned organizations such as IAPP (International Association of Press Photographers), UJPA (United Journalist & Photographers Association) or USPA (United States Press Agency) are well known beyond the borders of the United States and are recognized as legitimate providers of press passes by numerous event organizers and businesses.Anyone who is working as a journalist, whether ...


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fake press passes

Even among press associations, there are some black sheep that issue press passes only for their own commercial gain. Laypersons who are applying for their first press pass often have a hard time differentiating between a legitimate association and a dubious one. Various factors indicate that a provider enjoys international recognition and acceptance, which should help tip the scale in favor of such an association ...


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How to identify

a legitimate press pass

Press passes are issued by legitimate press agencies such as USPA or organizations such as IAPP and are well respected by businesses, event organizers and public institutions such as the police.This respect allows you to overcome research hurdles, making your every-day editorial work easier. In the United States, however, there is no uniform appearance for press passes. In addition, there are variations when ...


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evidence of a journalistic occupation

A press pass is proof of a professional, reputable occupation, which means not just anyone receives such a document. Press passes are recognized by numerous event organizers and businesses as well as official agencies. However, their legitimacy is subject to verification.Even though most businesses and event organizers no longer emphasize particular press agencies or media associations, journalists ...


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What are

the benefits of a press pass ?

Journalists particularly appreciate the press pass because of its multitude of benefits that facilitate editorial work as well as every-day situations. However, the benefits explained in the following passages should only be exploited in the context of journalistic work. A press pass facilitates journalistic research in all respects, but even more so when businesses are concerned, no matter the sector. As companies ...


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even more benefits with a press pass

The main advantages of a press pass are easier research and access to areas that are blocked off to the public. In addition, press pass owners may take advantage of other benefits during every-day life. A variety of dealers and service providers offer special concessions for members of the press, particularly in areas of public life that are closely related to journalisticwork. Rental car agencies at home and ...


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many social benefits

With a press pass, journalists gain much faster access to various social events. From theater premieres to the latest movies to formal receptions, there are numerous possibilities for the benefits of a press pass to come into play, allowing you to be among the first people to report on such special events.This particular aspect of journalistic work is especially interesting to many people with non-traditional backgrounds, who enter ...


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