The press pass

Thousands of journalists around the globe would not want to do without it: the press pass. This practical document has been around for many decades and makes every-day tasks much easier for full-time and part-time journalists. A press pass facilitates access to blocked-off areas at events or public institutions as well as research into all topics of interest to modern-day journalists. Without the need for tedious accreditation processes or repeatedly providing evidence of individual qualifications, the press pass offers straightforward proof that its owner is a real, professional journalist.

Indispensable evidence of a journalistic occupation

A press pass is proof of a professional, reputable occupation, which means not just anyone receives such a document. Press passes are recognized by numerous event organizers and businesses as well as official agencies. However, their legitimacy is subject to verification.Even though most businesses and event organizers no longer emphasize particular press agencies or media associations, journalists who represent renowned and legitimate press associations or agencies tend to receive special support, especially when the number of media representatives to be accredited is limited. Thanks to the growing internationalization of the media landscape, press passes from international agencies are increasingly being accepted around the globe.Press passes issued by USPA and IAPP are held in particularly high regard on both a national and international level.

Enjoying even more benefits with a press pass

The main advantages of a press pass are easier research and access to areas that are blocked off to the public. In addition, press pass owners may take advantage of other benefits during every-day life.A variety of dealers and service providers offer special concessions for members of the press, particularly in areas of public life that are closely related to journalisticwork.Rental car agencies at home and abroad frequently offer attractive rebates if you present a press pass, and depending on the mobile provider, concluding a new cell phone contract may be cheaper for journalists.Legitimate press agencies also provide car press signs as well as many other benefits, making every-day life for journalists easier in many ways.