The truth about press passes

Press passes have been around for decades, helping thousands of journalists do their jobs every day. Presenting a press pass permits unfettered research on topics such as economics or politics and provides access to blocked-off areas at events, trade shows or public institutions. Most journalists would not like to be without this practical document, and the number of press associations and agencies has risen dramatically in recent years. Although many event organizers these days don't attach special importance to names of well-known press agencies, they like to make sure that they are dealing with legitimate journalistic partners.

Further benefits of a press pass

In its primary function, a press pass proves that its owner really is a practicing journalist.Without such a document, both every-day research and accreditation processes for various events would be much more complicated. Presenting a press pass eliminates the need for individual verification of each person's authorization and qualifications, which makes life easier for journalists as well as organizers and businesses. Depending on the work environment, a separate letter of confirmation from the editorial office may be required, which is issued exclusively by legitimate press agencies and associations. If you would like to own a press pass, this fact should be taken into consideration when selecting a press agency or media association.

Distinguishing between legitimate and illegitimate associations and press agencies

Renowned organizations such as IAPP (International Association of Press Photographers), UJPA (United Journalist & Photographers Association) or USPA (United States Press Agency) are well known beyond the borders of the United States and are recognized as legitimate providers of press passes by numerous event organizers and businesses.Anyone who is working as a journalist, whether full time or part time, may apply for a press pass with these organizations online. Even laypersons should not have a hard time distinguishing between such legitimate organizations and businesses that merely sell press passes to make a profit: Legitimate partners offer real value for journalists through comprehensive infrastructures and portals for them to publish their own articles and photos,as well as by issuing letters of confirmation from the editorial office.

How to recognize a quality press pass

In an effort to impede the production of quality press passes by counterfeiters and illegitimate providers,modern press passes have adopted a more professional format over the years.Special printing methods, a Guilloché pattern and a practical, credit-card-size format made of sturdy plastic are essential authenticating features of a quality press pass. In order to keep journalists who don't actually produce any editorial work from reaping the benefits of a non-expiring press pass for years and years, a new press pass must now be issued every year.